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NYC + Covergirl

by - 6:21 PM

So, I happened to be in Walmart a few weeks ago. I knew what I wanted. The new Covergirl Nature Luxe Foundation. But of course with me, I can't just get one thing, so I picked up a NYC lipstick also.

First the NYC (New York Color) lipstick:

This lipstick is from the Ultra Moist Lipwear line. The lipstick is very moisturing and I'm completly in love with it. The smell ins't awful. It seems to have a hint of berry in it. The taste is horrible though so if you go around liking your lips all the time you probably won't like the lipstick. All in all a great buy for 99 cents. Repurchase? Definetly.

Now for the star of the show, The new Covergirl Nature Luxe foundation.

The first thing you get when you put the foundation on is the wonderful smell of cumcumber. It's very light and refreshing. That part is about the best part of the whole foundation. I have very oily skin. The foundation gives me a matte finish like I wanted, but dissolves in a matter of hours even with oil control powder over it. The smell and finish is great, but I need something that can go the extra mile. My old Rimmel London foundation lasted longer than this. For $12 I was expecting a little more. Repurchase? No.

At the end of the day I ended up with a diamond in the rough and a dissapointing fake. Not too bad for a trip to Wally World.

Shelby :)

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