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E.L.F Summer Ready Collection

by - 12:00 PM

Big Lots, of all the places in the world I never thought I would find good make-up at. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw they had value packs of E.L.F. This is my first time ever trying E.LF and the fact that I got it for super cheap didn't hurt much either.

First up? The Shimmer Glosses. I got 5 of these for around a $1 or $2 (Again jaw dropping for me)


First off, these lip glosses are very sheer. They have to be worn over a lipstick for the colors and shimmer to show up well. All of them are incredibly shimmery like the name, but don't feel gritty. All of them go on nice and smooth. When I smell them I get a berry/grape type smell. They taste like grape which is yummy to me. I'm not sure about the long wear fact because I just got my hands on them today. In the future I might post a little blog concerning this.

Now the nail polishes:

The photo above was taken with only one coat on the nails. Lilac and Blue Mist (the lightest colors of the group) would probably need about 2-3 coats. Those colors go on very sheer. Mango Madness, Fuchisa and Purple Pleasure do not go on very sheer, but would still probably need 2 coats. The polishes are very runny when you are putting them on. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the high end nail polish colors for Spring/Summer, these wouldn't be a horrible buy. I first thought that Blue Mist would be my favorite out of these polishes, but it turns out I like Mango Madness 10x better. Totally using Mango Madness for Easter!


Shelby :)

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