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Avon Swatches

by - 8:14 AM

So last night I got what I ordered from Avon. A new Glimmerstick to replace my old one (even though it isn't water proof) I really love these pencils. They are super creamy and are definitely pigmented. My other purchase was my second Avon polish. I decided to do swatches of my purchases so I pulled out my other Avon nail polish for reference. Here's the pictures!

The only downside to Avon polishes is that there are a bit on the runny side. Lagoon is a dark blue with a purple base, but in the pictures it's showing up really purple. I promise it's really blue on.

Finally my replacement for my old Glimmerstick.

I love these glimmersticks as I said before because they are so creamy. It's mind blowing. If you are a first time Avon customer definitely get some of these. You'll love them!

Shelby :)

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