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Brush Cleaning.

by - 1:44 PM

So today I had blocked off sometime to show off my favorite blush of the moment and how I apply it, etc. But I went to the beach yesterday and got a small killer sunburn on my chest. Even though it's not on my face, it's still one of those things that makes me not want to go running into my bathroom and applying a face full of make-up. Instead I filmed/took pictures of me cleaning my brushes since I had to do it anyway. Hope you enjoy!

Here's a look at the brushes I'm cleaning. There is three different sets. The white and black handles, I'm not exactly sure what brand they are because they were gifts. The gold handled eye and foundation brushes are Estee Lauder (I think that's how you spell that O_o)

Just using some Home 360 Baby Shampoo from the grocery store. Not going to make much of a difference between what brand you use.

That was easy right? Thought so. Have a nice night ^_^


Shelby :)

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