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DIY Lip-gloss! [Tippable Tuesday]

by - 5:12 PM

Hey Beauties!

Today I bring you a way to make your own lip-gloss, just like the one I used in my "Playing with Lips" post. It's extremely easy to make and everything you need to make it is probably already in your house. Happy mixing!

Items Needed:
Contact Case & Lid
Cotton Ball
Mixing Stick (Mine is a cuticle stick)
Mixing Dish
Eyeshadow (or you can use a little bit of lipstick)
Rubbing Alcohol 

Quick Swatch!
From Left to right: DIY Lip-gloss over a pink lipstick, DIY Lip-gloss over a gold lipstick, & DIY lipgloss by itself

Here's the tutorial! 

Happy Tuesday!


Shelby :)

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