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Making a Binder Cute...[Tips & Tricks]

by - 7:26 PM

Hey Beauties!

Finally, in my spare holiday I redid my school binder. My old white one broke, so I needed to upgrade and being a Senior, this is my last chance to really make a cute binder for high school. I used to keep each class in a separate binder, but due to laziness and the fact that I only have three classes, I switched over to a one binder system for all three of my classes. My high school is on block scheduling, so I will have the same three classes for the rest of the school year (I do a work study program. That's why I have three classes instead of four). Now that I got that intro out of the way, let's look at the binder!

The front view of my binder.
Printable from here:

The side view. 
I acquired the FFA Sticker because I'm an officer of my chapter, but you can easily buy a roll if you really want one off of the offical FFA store.
Printable From Here:

The front flap.
I typed the bell schedule myself and taped it in. You can easily find a tiny calendar for cheap anywhere. I'm going to change the page as the months pass. 

The actual school section.
You can see the polka dot divider that I just cut and taped to add some more visual interest. The class opening sheet is printed on card stock for each class and I organized the classes in the order of my schedule. The font is Cheeky Rabbit that I got from dafont.com

 Divider with pocket.
You can easily purchase this anywhere in a huge pack. It's a great way to temporarily store papers without holes. I went on Brainy Quote, searched motivational quotes, hand wrote it on a scrap of notebook paper, and taped it onto the divider.

Here is the video I made of me walking through the entire binder and telling you how I did everything.

Hope you Enjoyed!


Shelby :)

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