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Is Make-Up a Chore? [Shelby Thoughts]

by - 6:59 PM

Hey Beauties!

Do you ever get the feeling the make-up is a chore? Don't get me wrong, I love make-up and all things beauty, but when does it get to the point where actually applying it is a chore? All hobbies are supposed to be for fun right? If make-up is my hobby (which it is) then shouldn't it always be fun? These are the questions I ask myself and here is the few answers I've mustered up to calm my brain.

                1. There is a difference between a hobby and a routine.
                A hobby is something you do for fun in your free time. Therefore whenever I sit around and play with make-up, do swatches or make a tutorial that's when I'm participating in a hobby. Whenever I do make-up in the morning it's a routine, making it a chore. Since I have a limited time in the morning, creativity is limited which takes the ultimate purpose of hobbies, creativity, out of the equation. Make-up can't be fun whenever I feel like my creativity is limited.
                2. I should vary my make-up looks more.
                I think every make-up wearer goes through this. Whether you have a substantial collection or not, everyone beauty finds a looks good and is easy to apply. The more you do this the more redundant make-up becomes. Since I do most of my make-up application in the morning hours, I choose to stick to easy neutral looks that blend quickly. While this is great for my time management, I get tired of applying the same shadows in the same manner everyday. If I broke out of my comfort zone more often during the morning (which may involve allotting more time for make-up) I think I would be a lot happier.
                3. It isn't a requirement for me to wear make-up everyday.
                Sometimes I get into the mindset that it is a requirement for me to wear make-up everyday. Sure I do feel my best most of the time with a full face of make-up, but I'm still beautiful without it. People are not going to judge my personality or thoughts any different just because I'm not wearing a full eyeshadow look. Mascara, filling in my brows, foundation, and lipstick should be seen as an enhancement, not as a requirement.  My own face is like a base car at a dealership. The make-up is the added features like Sirius radio. This is easy to write, but it's something I should actually implement into my life.
I have been struggling with these thoughts lately. With the added weight of "Senioritis" and being tired of school, I've started to become tired of the things I love which is wrong. I should be embracing the time with my hobby instead of treating it as another house chore. Everybody isn't lucky like me to love something they have to do everyday. I hope this helps you, if you've been having these thoughts lately or at least be reapplied to your life somehow.

*A quick update! I am now starting my own schedule for blog posts & Youtube! I will be posting new beauty/college related videos on Youtube on TUESDAYS. If you're not subscribed to my channel, then please do so! I will creating and publishing new blogs on here, Shelby's Beauty Spot, on THURSDAYS. I will probably post additional blogs if my Youtube videos need it, but you will hear from me on THURSDAYS definitely. I hope you enjoy this new schedule. See  you TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS!:)*

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