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ELF Setting Spray Review!

by - 9:58 AM

Hey Beauties!

So two dates late, I present to you my blog post. If this irritates you then just pretend its Thursday. Before I begin my review, I thought I would share a few life nuggets with you. It’s no secret that I’m a senior in high school, but I think it really set in yesterday when I received my cap and gown. This is such an emotional time for me, but I’m excited to begin a new chapter in my life. That being said I knew that it was going to begin to get hot as the summer months rolled around plus I needed a way to make my foundation  and concealer to last longer with all the events that coming up. I have heard a lot about different setting sprays, but I wanted to try a cheap one before I took a huge plunge. So one night, while I was buying half the makeup section in Target (I was mildly upset) , I purchased the ELF Setting Spray.

In the beginning, I thought this was a huge waste of money. I applied all of my face products including my blush and bronzer, then sprayed this on and my blush was mattified and it gave me this awkward highlight that made my skin look even oilier.  Instead of hating on it in a blog post then, I thought about giving it more of a chance.

I find the best way to apply this for me is to apply my foundation, concealer, and powder, then use about 2-3 sprays. After that, while it’s setting I work on my eye makeup. By the time that I am done with my eyes the spray has dried and I can apply my blush and bronzer. I like to apply it this way because I can use the blush to cover the dewy highlight it gives and so my blush doesn’t mattify.

The ELF Setting Spray does increase the longevity of my face makeup. I feel like my skin doesn’t dissolve the foundation as quickly as it normally does without the setting spray. It still does give me the highlight aspect, but that fades through the day. Considering the fact that it is only $3, I think it’s something worth trying before dropping the big bucks on an Urban Decay or Skindinavia setting spray

Here’s the link for it online. ( I purchased mine at Target):

Hope you enjoyed!

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