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Lipstain made Simple! [Tippable Tuesday!]

by - 1:39 PM

Hey Beauties!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to my new series, "Tippable Tuesday," where I am going to bring you a simple beauty tip every Tuesday! :) Today's tip has to do with one of my favorite lip product, lip stain.

The Three Basic Step of Lipstains:

1. Exfoliate! You want a smooth surface, so the lipstain can sink into your lips better.

2. Moisturize! Lipstains can be extremely drying so you want to make sure you apply some tupe of chapstick, lip butter, etc.

3. Draw! The most obvious step, but most people forget to draw on their lips. Instead they try to increase their lip shape by drawing outside the line of their lip which just makes things messy.

Enjoy the video!


Shelby :)

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